Payment by credit card

On we offer  the option of paying online safely and at any time. You can book your trip through our payment  plat form provided by Morocco Télé commerce.We comply with international safety standards.

Creditcards accepted on our site: (fill this in)

How do I pay by credit card travel?

1 -I select the product (s) to pay for my cart to my customer area
2-I choose among payment options: credit card
3-I confirmthe information and the detailsof my reservation
4-I confirm my reservation
5-I am then redirected to the secure plat form of  MoroccoTélé commerce to capture data from my credit card: the 16 digits above the card, expiry date month / year and finally the last 3 digits on back of the card.
6-If your payment is accepted, you receive a confirmation email.

The costs of paying by credit card are: 5 Euro