Payment by bank transfer allows  you to adjust  your reservation by bank transfer directly to your bank or via the Internet if your bank offers this service.

How do I payby bank transfer trip?

1 -I select the product (s) to pay for my cart to my customer area
2-I choose among the modes ofpayment:
3-I confirm the information and the details of my reservation
4-I confirm my reservation. Your reservation remains valid for 48 working days.
5-I went to my bank with the reservation number listed on the confirmation of my reservation and in the "My Cart" in the sections "My reservations pending payment"
I mention on the bank transfer my order number.
6 – I will send confirmation of transfer (scanned) by email to

moroccospirit bank details:

Account name or  IBAN :MA  148 391 21111 70544880001 43
2. Account number or RIB : 148 391 21111 7054488 000 1 43
3. Bank name  Group bank populaire 
4. Bank Swift address : BCPOMAMC  
5. Code: 48-60  

The cost of paying by credit cardare: 5 Euro (excluding any costs of the bank)