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Ait Atman ouAli

Without being either exact date, the region has been inhabited for many centuries by the Berbers, the original inhabitants of Morocco, they are socially organized into tribes, and the majority live in the Atlas Mountains and the Rif S at 17 °, all the tribes living on a well-defined territory. They make war but also form alliances, they therefore exercise their sovereignty by force. Each lives in one or more ksars or Berber villages (ighrmane Berber) which is the basic unit of social and political organization of the region, it is close to rivers, called wadis. At the end of resist potential attacks from enemy tribes, the Ksar is strengthened, in fact, are architecture is similar to that of the castle European Middle Ages. A ditch is dug around the Ksar, filled with water, and the earth is taken to build the houses inside the enclosure and the four towers sentinel defining it. All homes are built in compacted clay, called adobe, rammed earth is a traditional material-resistant, which keeps the heat in winter, cool in summer. It is isothermal. The entire operation of the tribe based on informal social practices and customary unwritten, but nevertheless well established and respected. Two people enjoy recognition in the eyes of other members of the tribe: The Imam, religious leader and spiritual Wise, representing the order in the Ksar. Ksar illustrates the social order, the plan ksars is invariable in the region. The only entrance is marked by ksar a door opening onto the large covered area for Tamsrite meeting room for JMAA "Meeting". The Tamsrite opens onto a central aisle, on which line all dwellings Traditionally, sheep are on the ground floor homes and living rooms are staged over, two, three or four levels . TEA mint, Homestay.