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cirque of jaafer

CIRCUS Jaafer The proposed circuit takes us to the foot of Jbel El Ayachi (3750m), the Eastern High Atlas. BORNE1: Plateau Midelt Due to the age of the formation of atlas, tray or platter Midelt high Moulouya is a vast field for geologists, and gives several geological formations dating to the Quaternary paleo and more. The plateau is a corridor between the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas, the strong erosion that undergoes the region to give birth to Gorges of Garas, called "Tamdelt" means létralement cover Berber, origin of the name City Midelt, the name of Midelt is composed of mi: means the mid delt: which means delta This place is a peaceful place for transhumant nomads from across the confederation has Yaflman (has the marghad, has Hdidou, has izdzg, has Ayach, has Ouchen ......). The coast are the villages "Tiwili" herding all douars. BORNE2: village tawrawt This village is a cluster of houses built of mud on a hill at the foot of ElAyachi and powered by the source tawrawt which water is channeled into a seguia, concrete to reduce seepage losses. The water will irrigate cultures just a few hundred meters. Upstream to what tens of meters as a small construction: a water mill allowing each to each family gradually grind the grain they need to make bread at home. Before harvest, the soil of each threshing is carefully prepared with a moist mixture of earth and straw. Packed for a hard, flat surface. After harvest. Is brought by the wheat or barley to dry in the sun, then rotates a team of donkeys, cows and mules around the central pole. Trampling long grain By late afternoon, when the breeze rises, men project in the air mixture of straw and grain: straw is taken a step further by the wind, and it remains only to the grain bag to wash and dry in the roofs of houses, in the end the grind in the mills. Continue the path climbs gently into the grooves, you may notice the biodiversity of flora and fauna of this region. Arriving at the source, turn left to go to see the amphitheater of Cedar North Slope of El Ayachi reaching 2200m, then down into a valley to a small building, the funerary breast Sidi Boujaafar, circus stone took its name "Jaafar Circus" was a refugee here in isolates for prayer, Taquiouine visit some houses and living capita livestock, they are semi-transhumant. LUNCH: tea break. BORNE3: Jaafar Gorge