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IMILCHIL AND OTHER Berber culture existing at the bottom of the High Atlas mountains eastern highlands of the country or spaces occupied by pastoral nomads e semi-nomadic Ait Yaflaman, through the mountain barriers that form the djebels Masker and Ari or Ayachi. You can admire beautiful landscapes contrast alpine highland deserts, lush valleys, majestic cedars ranges, chains white limestone, beige and ocher superb cross gorges.vous beautiful villages isolated in the heart of these solid or live very traditional Berber tribes of Ait Hdidou, Merghad Ait, Ait Ayach, Ait Seghrouchen recognizable by their clothing. A superb and unusual route that will take us to the legend of engagement Imilchil. TERMINAL 1: Plateau Midelt Out of the arid plateau of Midelt, through ravines hollow at the foot of the mountain people of oak and juniper. Around the neck that can take the track to arrive on Tounfit view on the north side of the Ayachi. Amphitheater covered with cedars and in the same Tizi Ouzou can see some Kasbahs scattered, low houses, square in Pisa beige or tan. This is the village of the tribe Ait Imtchimns Ouchens known for their black skin originally from the south of Morocco (Sahrawi). Pause: dried fruit BORNE2 National Park Anzar or Founass The park plays an important role in socio-economic, characterized by its rich biological and landscape traditions of ancestral human and scientific interest and tourism. Idea of ​​creating parks in Morocco dates back thirty. BORNE3: Gorge at night (not Aqqat Oyid) Along the gorge forests of cedars and oaks, the slopes of Jebel Tazegzaout witnessed a Berber lute against the French protectorate, to get to reign over Anfgou or intense agricultural life, the region was inhabited by the Ait Amar these men known for their ferocity. The village is a collection of hamlets stuck on the mountain BORNE4: House of forestry Tirghist This house is built to stop the robbery of wood that can also control the cutting areas in the forest, it also plays a very important role in the preservation of animal species existing in the park Tirghist, citing as an example barbary sheep boar. BORNE5: Lake Isli and Tislit Climb to the Col, panoramic view of the village of Tirghist. BORNE6: Imilchil We meet the shepherds from the tribe of Ait Hdidou, Morghad Ait, Ait Yasa, Ait Brahim, in May they are likely to come on board to plant their traditional Berber tents woven goat hair and graze their flocks, looking proud dressed in their Bernous, they will not hesitate to share with you their hospitality and offer you tea. On the plateau lakes, the tears of two lovers, unable to meet because they belong to two opposing tribes, have created the lake Imichil the surrounding valleys bare, over 30,000 nomads gather every year. in September, for a large souk in order to make the necessary provisions, it is also an opportunity for young girls dressed in their finest jewelry silver jewelry individuals to choose their fiancé and celebrate this event by Many folk dances and colorful.