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Myriem kasbah

There are not many Christian centres in Morocco, but Kasbah Myriem is an exception, and quite interesting to visit. It is less than a kilometre out of town. There are 5 Franciscan monks living in the monastery, while 6 nuns live in a house right across the street. The monastery also runs a carpet workshop for local girls, producing excellent carpets sold at rather expensive prices. And of course, the convent is open for all non-Christians The Franciscan Sisters arrived in 1926 to Midelt at the request of a French commander to take care of the infirmary in 1927 under the initiation of the wife of the commander, weaving is created, the idea he came in seeing the skill in weaving Berber women and little means they had at that time, the carpet could enable them to improve their living conditions. The direction of this workshop was entrusted to the sisters. In 1928, German prisoners worked on the expansion of the kasbah Myriem and created the terraced gardens. They had to use explosives to defeat the rock. The Sisters opened an orphanage to collect children. The girls stayed to learn embroidery and weaving, as a school for girls, the orphanage has been replaced by a boarding school for children living away from Midelt. A visit to the weaving is required.