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Midelt's kasbah

A number of circuits in the parameter Midelt, the possibility of other interesting journey in the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas eastern desert are also available upon request ... The Kasbah is a set of adobe house built (compacted soil), the city of Midelt contains a large number of Kasbah: Tachaouite, Atman or Musa, or Tamoussa Alit, Bouzmella, Semoura kasbah ... These are constructed from two centuries month they are still inhabited. ARCHITECTURE KSAR: Three types of materials are used for the construction of a traditional house. 1. stone is used for the foundations 'foundation' and protection of exterior walls exposed to the weather (wind, rain) to the west. 2. the land is used in three forms: The cob: clay compacted pestle in an enclosed timber. Constitutes the bulk of the wall on which are often applied a coating of mud and straw. The adobe: brick rudimentary earth mixed with straw and dried in the sun. Used primarily for additions, as well as in the upper parts and decorate. The land (usually clay for waterproofing) covering the terraces is simply packed. 3. Wood (here, especially poplar) is used as beams and poles for framing. Finally, brush and branches supporting the earth of the terrace, a vacuum evacuates water to a large branch channel dug in the snow is quickly removed from the roof by the inhabitants of the house, because of infiltration LUNCH