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Fint oasis sightseeing

Departing from Ouarzazate towards the oasis of Fint which located 12 km away from Ouarzazate under the Atlas Mountains, taking the rocky off-road leading to the hidden villages of Fint valley a gorgeous little oasis where the simple life reigns. Women doing the washing ... in the river. Donkeys pulling carts. The perfect place for a walk with the palm trees towering above with the feeling of being really isolated.Fint Oasis is an incredible oasis surrounded by beautiful mountains, and this place is home to several unique villages that still maintain a different cultural life unique in the region. Being home of remaining African tribes that stayed after the sub-Sarhara camel caravans stop, these people took the Berber culture and somehow mixed their own way of life into something very interesting today. After the walk inside the gardens of Fint oasis, you will have a cup of tea with the locals.