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Asilah sightseeing

Asilah, This is a one day trip. After breakfast You will be driving off the road 46 km Far ,A 40 minute drive through fantastic scenery brings you to Asilah, a fishing port once fortified by the Portuguese , visit the Bab Homar,the Berber Kasbah, the Palace of Raisouli and enjoy the relaxing ambiance and quaint of the town.. Asilah Has a weekly sunday traditional Berber souk (market) which gathers weekly. Visit Souk al Arbaa,”The Sunday Market». The souk is one of the typical features of rural life in Morocco.Here, agrarian people come from the neighbouring hills to sell their goods and buy what they will need for the coming week. A well as finding local merchants, you will find the craftsman-one fixing shoes, the other welding a tea pot, the hairdresser and the soothsayers. You will also find the blacksmiths and the local dentist practicing his trade without any of the modern amenities visit to the rural souk is truly a journey back in time