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desert safaris

Camel Safaris Camp is a desert camp perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. Set in the impressive desert landscape, close to the Nomad village of Hassi labiad, this desert camp provides intimacy for private groups or for indevedual looking for something different in Morocco.
Guests stay in traditional Nomad tents, renovated and transformed into comfortable double rooms. After a walking tour or an excursion on camel back with an overnight , the desert camp provides all the comforts including a traditional Moroccan tajine dinners under the stars – rare luxuries in the middle of the Moroccan desert.

As we want to offer an authentic and ecofriendly experience, we invest in the restoration of traditional Nomad tents . Built of traditional goat hair tents, held up by a central pillar and tension wires the camp is authentic in structure with all the modern comforts. The team consists of your language speaking guide and a cook both of whom are Berbers of the the desert, the camp is under permanent surveillance by the nomade and all other members are locals and are a fount of information, who welcome our guests in true Berber style. Each day is dedicated to a new discovery: on camel back or on foot, in all terrain vehicles, learning nomadic daily customs , the camp itself offers a cultural centre dedicated to the nomade culture,

As the camp is implemented in the Sahara desert, we have to pay attention to efficient water consumption. We set up dry toilets and we instruct our staff and guests on low water use, as water has to be delivered from a close water source. Therefore, our shower system is traditional but ecofriendly. Hot water is limited on 2 litres per day and person and we ask our guests to re-use sheets and towels during their stay
This is undoubtedly one of our favourite experiences, bar none.  To us the simplicity of the equipment – mattresses on the ground instead of proper beds, washstands instead of full showers - far from detracts from the comfort or quality of the experience, but serves to underline how far removed this is from every day life.  Make no mistake, to disappear for a few days into the wild supported by this camp is an immensely privileged thing to do. Sound a bit too basic?  Take a look at the Desert Luxury Camp.