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privat camp

close to the hotel, within walking distance of your room, a private nomad tent so that you can sleep under the stars with the convenience of the hotel facilities.

Exploring the deserts of southern Morocco with a private tented camp has to be one of the most rewarding wilderness experiences available.  For us, this is the real reason to come to Morocco; to experience the raw untouched wilderness of the deserts and to immerse your self for at least a few days in this extraordinary environment.  We use two superb tented camps for this - the Desert Light Mobile or the altogether more upscale Luxury Desert Camp. Both of these camps are deeply spoiling experiences.
Despite, or perhaps because of, the almost total lack of life, the idea of the desert holds an endlessly romantic appeal. The reality doesn’t disappoint either.  Nomade tents at the foot of a caramel 500 ft high dune.  A walk along a gently climbing ridge that rolls up from the flat plain like a sleeping dinosaur. Up and up over square black rocks wedged into the orange sand.  Along paths with steep drops on either side, below your feet a steep slope of sand until the flat plain that stretches out as far as the eye can see.
The walk ends on top of the highest dune, its perfect ridge like whipped cream, folding down to a terrace from where you watch the sun go down – the temperature dropping perceptibly as it does so.  As the sun dips below the horizon you drop off the crest of the dune and down the seemingly vertical face towards camp.  Long loping strides in the soft sand.  Children make it to the bottom of the dune in less than a couple of minutes - adults take a little longer.  For both, a truly magical way to arrive in camp.
There simply isn’t a better way to access and experience the remote wilderness areas of Morocco’s extensive southern deserts.  While you travel by day with your private guide and vehicle, the camps are carried by a dedicated team who move ahead of you with a 4x4 setting up camp in time for your arrival and moving with you as you explore deeper into the wild.  Nights are spent in splendid isolation under a firmament bright with star