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Imperial cities

the ancient and historic capitals of morocco are included here, Marrakech, fez, Meknes and Rabat.Fez is large and bustling but not as busy a tourist destination as Marrakech is currently, Meknes is more relaxed but still bursting with history and both are ideal bases for the mountains and the impressive ruins and mosaics at the roman site of volubilis. Rabat is one of our favorites in Morocco it has the stately monuments and palaces of the capital plus a great relaxed atmosphere located as it’s on the mouth of the Bouregreg River. Being a part of Africa, Morocco is known for mountains and deserts. In fact, it has a relatively famous desert on its eastern side called the Sahara . Naturally, the largest desert on Earth entails a few curious adventurers who want to visit the desert and take part in an experience unlike anything else as part of Morocco , This tour includes both the tour of imperial cities and the tour of the desert,in 12 days you will discover Morocco in all its faces:history and monuments,desert and beach, tranquility and adventure.For some days you will live in another world and smell different perfumes.